Day 6: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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No headache for another day! And my platelets have unexpectedly jumped to 23K, which the doctor said was a little weird, but good. He said he didn’t know why. This will be the three out of four days that I get one of the chemo drugs so side effects may be kicking in soon. They haven’t really started yet.

Christy arrived again at 7 am with a sausage and cheese McMuffin to diversify my breakfast selection. It was a nice, and allowable treat supplemented by juice and other healthy beverages from the hospital kitchen. Since those bask in your stomach for 6 hours, I just had soup for lunch and was very satisfied. The appetite is definitely subsiding. I was really tired though, so Christy just sat and read while I took a napped.

In the afternoon I enjoyed a steady flow of visitors. Irene brought some “cling” photos she’d taken at the Botanic Garden. They were beautiful and simply adhered to the wall with static cling. One of my Poetry Slam sisters/Words with Friends players ventured for a visit as well. Her boyfriend works downstairs and when he heard I was on the 5th floor thought I was in the psyche ward—not that this couldn’t cause a breakdown, but I am on 5 South where oncology patients lumber about, not 5 North…at least for now.


Later, our friend Caryn arrived with Scott. We all had a fun time talking. Christy also send a video of grandchildren greeting me with a tap dance routine, they’d concocted using plastic storage to make  noise for tap shows. As expected, their no-TV punishment has spawned a lot of creative play.

Veronica brought a card from her current freelance client, who is also a friend. The cover said, “When bad things happen, I look to God and scream, WTF, Dude.” Inside it said, “But Respectfully.” Or something like that because we’ve lined a few cards up on the windowsill, but my tubes don’t reach quite that far. Good card.  I also received a limerick from fellow poet, Carolyn Aguilar:

‘Tis a poet who lives on Grand Montrose

whose smile is like pink-satin primose;

She lifts all our spirits

with her finely-drawn lyrics,

and wows us with her ass-kicking prose.

Veronica also ordered Rama Chicken for me from a Thai restaurant in downtown Evanston so I actually got some green vegetables. Don’t worry. We ordered them cooked to limp, so bacteria was accounted for. It was great! After dinner we watched an episode of Fact or Faked on the SYFY channel. The show’s “experts” try to disprove claims of all sorts of weird phenomena. Last night, they could not disprove the presence of an entity in a bar. They did disprove a video of a “witch” flying outside a remote Mexican cave. Fun!  Since she also brought the “Would you rather” cards, we discussed the pros and cons of a lifetime with tics or head line and the whether we’d rather arrive late to a seminar or early to a party where we don’t know anyone. Thoughts? We agreed that tics would be easier because at least you could get away from them more often, even though they are more dangerous.

I meditated again, but failed to get that cool vibration going that seems to be so therapeutic.


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3 Responses to “Day 6: Tuesday, April 17, 2012”

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You are having WAY too much fun, Emily! And, I’m happy for you. Your friends sound like a great bunch and I’m glad that you are surrounded by them. That’s great news on the platelets! A little miracle happening, maybe? yes, yes, yes….. fingers crossed!

Again, I am really enjoying your writing style and will want to continue to read your blog even after you are back up dancing on your feet. One favor: could you install a widget where we can sign up for the email version of the blog posts? All I see is the option to follow specific posts and I’d like to get them in my email box so I don’t miss any. I use feedburner on mine: But, you might have one in your WordPress tool box, too. Maybe Scott can do it for you…

I’ve had a couple of tics and I bought a hat in Equador once that I later noticed was crawling with lice. Luckily, I didn’t get the lice and even though I’d rather have neither, I’d go with the tic, too. Yuck.

Ms. Emily, I don’t know what type of meditation you’re doing, but I wonder if some Tibetan or other drone-like music would be useful for you? I could make a CD to add to an I-pod CD player to help with the meditation if you think that may help get “that cool vibration” goin’.
Just let me know.
Thinking about you. Wishing you a good Thursday, Friday, Saturday…… better and better…..
Karen R.

I have been reading them all, Emily. I am holding a space where you can connect to Source anytime. I had a similar experience about not connecting to that really cool place on and off while I was on those different, but similar cocktails. Do you have a special time that you practice your meditation? I could make sure to hold the space then. I generally check in several times a day, and have not at night, so I will add that to my routine today. We are all sending you and Scott our love, prayers and healings!

And me, I think I may got for arriving late and making a grand entrance at a place I know no one. Ticks give me the creeps! Finding them crawling on me has been yucky and finding one embedded in my son’s hair when he was little, is the most yucky thing EVER!

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