Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I’ve been a bad blogger…no posts for a week! I must be having fun.

Last week, my excuse was that I was super tired. I was on my fifth and final week in the first set of treatments. Every afternoon I came home more tired than the previous day. There was nothing much more to write about. You would have been bored out of your mind. Sick of hearing me complain too.

Now, I’m enjoying two weeks without treatment. I also had the picc Imageline removed from my arm on Friday. It’s a little over a foot long, so my granddaughter, who is fearless, couldn’t help looking and her eyes got bigger and bigger as more of the line was gently pulled out by the nurse. My grandson didn’t look. Of course, they’ll put in a new one on my first day back. Meanwhile, I am wearing short sleeves and savoring no alarm clock.

Over the weekend, we met the grandkids and my daughter at a movie theater and saw Brave together. It was one of the better animated films I’ve seen. For starters, it’s beautiful. The landscapes are crafted with richness and authenticity. The characters are also well done and the story is pretty good, especially for girls. On Sunday, I went to the Poetry Slam as usual. I must write some new work and get back to the stage. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say.

On the way home, Scott asked me if I wanted to go to the lake and take a walk. The thought had just come to mind and responded with an unwavering “Yes, and I want to get my feet wet.” We parked between Foster and Montrose where a concert was rockin’ loudly in every direction. I preferred heading north to Foster.

Scott’s not a sand fan, so he stayed in the park and held my shoes while I traversed the beach walkways down to the water. I can’t explain how fulfilling it was to stand in the water. Each year, I make a point to swim in Lake Michigan, as I did throughout my childhood. This year, I didn’t think I’d make it. Although this wasn’t swimming, simply standing there made me feel like jumping in wasn’t so far away. Because it was early evening, most of the crowd was gone, although children ran splashing into the water, which was calm. It was great. I almost cried. I only stayed a few minutes, but that was all I needed.

The Gazebo Quest

One by one, our patio umbrellas are falling apart. There are four of them. There is now only one intact, which seriously inhibits us from dining al fresco in this god-awful heat—although Scott rigged a very nice mister on the patio. Since he and I can’t find offset-style umbrellas anywhere at a reasonable price, I suggested we go with a gazebo. So far we’ve been to Menards, Target and Home Depot. We’ve clicked on a million web sites in the search for the perfect deal. We have measured, analyzed, comparison shopped and called for more specifics. I am ready to purchase one from a web site. Scott is checking Craigslist. Stay tuned.

This quest comes along with a cell phone upgrade quest. That’s another story. I will spare you.

Social Networks

Yesterday, I was pleased to have a very social afternoon. My daughter came over with her friend, Anne who was in town and is engaged. They’re humor and enthusiasm was contagious. We had an awesome visit—and they brought lunch! After that, a long-time friend arrived with a tray of chocolate mints—dessert—and we talked away the rest of the afternoon.

Back to Basics

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I also had a conference call at 9 am, which wasn’t exactly when I would have preferred to talk, but at least I didn’t have to get dressed. Otherwise, I can’t seem to catch up with the paperwork. I’m not painting. I’m not writing much, not even my blog until today! I am creatively constipated. Two huge notebooks, one with medical invoices, claims etc. and the other with poems to be organized, sit on my futon. A shopping bag of old files and documents leans up against the wall waiting to be shredded. File folders stack ready for the file cabinet. Two paintings need poems installed on them, and my art classes resume next week. I need to edit my web site and pay some bills. But I want to invite friends over, paint and write and bask in my own space and time, but it is an oven outside and I am still pretty tired, which makes me crabby.

For the next two weeks I am trying to swim upstream to a regular routine.















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3 Responses to “Tuesday, July 3, 2012”

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Take care of YOU – not your ‘stuff’ – let your creativity out – that’s where the most joy comes from.

Ok Emily – I sent you an email earlier today, before I read your blog. Sister, give yourself a BRAKE! BREAK! every kind of break! and when we get there in Sept – we can have fun (the weather should be better!!!) and we can help you with anything you need help on – filing, sorting, organizing medical claims, writing poetry (ha!) – whatever you need honeybunch – just go easy on yourself.

Um….just wait till you read the Hiatus Report. 🙂
It feels good to get stuff done, though. Can’t wait to see you.

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