Holidays, Move Along Now

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The past weeks have had that hectic layer of holiday chaos and my blog is sniffling from neglect. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE CHRISTMAS…decorating trees, buying gifts, forgetting that I already bought a gift and buying another one, getting everyone together, luscious treats and grandkids make it extra special. I’ll also admit that this past year has made me appreciate “corny.” Even Scott hasn’t been ready to take down the tree. If we leave it up any longer, I think he should turn in his Bah Hum Bug pillow. I also love New Years! I’ve never fallen asleep before midnight. This year, we went to my daughter’s house for a wonderful party. Now I’m ready to get back to “real life.”

No One Answers the Phone Anymore  😦
I swore I would continue a traditional a friend and I started about a decade ago. (Could it be a decade!) Dateless, unless you count dinner with her 80-something dad, we gathered in her living room armed with alcohol and decided to call strangers in area codes where it was midnight and wish them happy new year. Since we were on the East Coast, we started with 212s in NYC. We spoke with a group who’d just come in from jogging in Central Park. We woke up some people, but most of them didn’t mind. We left messages on office voicemails. Many were delighted to wish us a Happy New Year in return. Some thought we were drunk, but we assured them that, although we were enjoying our holiday, our greeting was not alcohol-inspired. I don’t think we ever got to the West Coast, but it was a heartwarming experience and one that I think should become a tradition.

This year, I retreated from the party to make some calls to NYC at 11. NO ONE ANSWERED. Plus, it was difficult to even get working numbers. I did leave several Happy New Year voicemails, but it was not as gratifying as past years. I think I called about 15 or 20 numbers. Nothing. My grandson found me and asked what I was doing. I explained the tradition. His eyes grew bigger and he said, “I wanna do that.” I was done by then. Next year, I’ll figure out how to at least find working numbers—and I invite everyone reading this to do the same.

The New Do
OK…after months of scarves, because I never got into the wigs, I’ve decided to keep my short, dark hair at least for 20130111_201312awhile. I even got it trimmed already. It’s very thick and has a bit of a wave to it, which is very different from the straight blondish, shoulder-length hair I had before.

I’m not sure what color it will be in another year, but, from what I hear, the straight hair should eventually return.

A Post with Teeth in It
Last time I wrote, I reported a broken tooth. I finally got in to see the dentist who pulled out part of the cracked tooth. Gross. Tomorrow, I go back to the dentist can refill/rebuild the part that came out. If not, it’s root canal time. It’s a back molar, so it’s not very noticeable, but I’ve always been a bit of a dental-phobe. In short, I have less anxiety at the gynecologist than at the dental office. It’s all about the sounds.

May we all have a fabulously LUCKY 2013.


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4 Responses to “Holidays, Move Along Now”

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emily — i love your enthusiasm about the holidays and your calling people.  what a bummer that no one answered this year.  it’s all about the cell phone.  i’m not working today so i will miss you at your appt. with craig.  would love to see your hair. it looks terrific.  great style for you although it’s a bummer as to how it came about.  may 2013 be the best.  you both deserve it.   pam

EM, I LOVE your hair !
and . . . see each other more.

Hi Emily,

A very Happy New Year to you and Scott. Had to tell you how much I love your hair! It – and you – look terrific.

Thanks so much, Debbi. You and Joe have a great year as well.

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