Weighty Issues

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My last post was about losing weight. They say this is difficult as we age, but I tend to do things out of order, so maybe I will have better luck. As of this week, I’ve lost about 12 pounds since the beginning of February. Not bad. And, I don’t feel like I’m suffering. I still eat chocolate, but portion control is king. The girl in the refrigerator still works and she’s expanded her influence to other behaviors, like procrastination, exercise avoidance, etc.

However, I have hit an energy plateau. I feel very fatigued. I’m in bed by midnight-ish, which is good for me, but I’m usually not awake until about 9 or  dressed by 10:30–unless I have to be somewhere.

I don’t get tired. I get leukemia–NOT.

For awhile, I was concerned about recurrence, but I’m lacking the stupendous bruises and extended bloody noses. I have a blood check scheduled for mid May, but it will probably by fine. Google searches only turn up studies on recurrence, not long-term symptoms. For some answers, Scott and I attended a seminar on what to do after cancer at the Cancer Wellness Center. The facilitator discussed recurrence and suggested talking to the doctors when symptoms arise. I asked, “What does one do when they tell you that you should be feeling fine?” Others in the group let out a few, “Yeah, what do you do then?” No good answers followed. The result: I dragged myself around feeling like a failure at recovery for a few days.

Hence, Facebook. I’m in a group of APL survivors. It’s small—not because few survive, but because this form of leukemia is rare. I posted my woes and received enough responses to know I’m not alone. Most group members are younger because younger people know how to join a Facebook group and APL is a younger person’s disease. One member said she’s finally starting to feel better 1-1/2 years after treatment ended. Another is now experiencing chronic fatigue. I’m only 5 months out so now I’m cutting myself a break. Many others mentioned having the sleepies. Meanwhile, I’m taking more naps and trying to increase my energy with exercise. Yuck, exercise. Well, maybe I’ll lose a few more pounds.


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6 Responses to “Weighty Issues”

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Good news in my book! Yay!

Sweetie, you are doing great – you just had a civil war in your body.
I know that I get impatient if I don’t feel good – IS it always going to be this way , , , and NO it isn’t.
My belief is that you have to listen to your body about sleep. It is a healthy nurturing time.
It took me along time to get to that place. Until I trusted myself, that I wasn’t wimping out or avoiding or procrastinating . . . and it is not as much fun to do life tired.
I feel best with 9-10 hours sleep. Pre-ms I was 7-8 and I always felt that I was a head of the game if I could do with less – so I could be more of a ‘human doing’.
I would not have chosen ms (consciously) but it has taught me alot about my relationship to time. When I feel I am in the way because I am moving slowly, I tell people “I’m smelling the roses”. Alot of fun interactions with that.
Toots, We need to have lunch – I want interaction with you – not be wring on your blog (though I am so appreciative of it to be connected to you – YOU WONDERFUL PERSON YOU). Let’s make a date!

hi there — I’m at  my sisters in davenport.  lots of people so it’s always fun.  but, I took a nap today cuz half of the people are looking at their ‘gadgets’.  they all play this dragon game so have lots to compare.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   so, I was reading and finally took a nap.  I tend to take a nap every day off and am early to bed (8pm) and sleep late (9am).  this is new for me.  I’ve always been an early to bed gal so your late night is giving me a complex.  what’s happening for easter?  I’m always the one who travels so I never have to be in charge.  aren’t I clever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,70 years old and have never  hosted the family holiday meal.  I invited everyone to Chicago for Christmas but all 16 said ‘no’.  whew!  that was lucky.  what if they said yes? miss Emily, if you are experiencing all these fatigue symptoms I think you should go for your blood tests NOW.  don’t wait til middle of may.  I know I sound like an alarmist but I believe in getting on top of things right away..  you have a lot more energy than I have but, as my friend Marcia says, ‘well, you’re old’.  must punish that gal for her mouthiness.  everyone is laughing in the kitchen so there must be a group here who aren’t ‘hooked’ up.  HAPPY EASTER…………………………..P

I put in a call to the doc today, Pam. Hope you had a great Easter.

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 04:18:38 +0000 Dear e, I’m so glad that you’re fine and loosing some weight, we need to talk. I will try you tomorrow night, love U! To: icm1700@hotmail.com

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